Pick-Up Routes & Schedule

Pick up Schedule for Household Garbage                                                 

East of Elm Street:    Monday & Thursday

West of Elm Street:   Tuesday & Friday

 Household Garbege pick up Map

Pick up Schedule for
Limbs / Leaves / Brush / Grass Clippings 

Quadrant #1:    Monday
                         Westside of Erman Ln. (heading west and northside of Keiser Ave. heading north)

Quadrant #2:   Tuesday
                         Westside of Highway 61 (heading west and southside of Keiser Ave, heading south)

Quadrant #3:   Thursday
                         Eastside of Erman Ln. and Highway 61 east to the railroad track

Quadrant #4:    Friday
                         East of the railroad track

 Household Garbege pick up2

 Class 4

  • Furniture
  • Wood
  • Pallets
  • Toys
  • Metal
  • ect.