Community Improvement Taskforce

CIT Progress | 03.12.2021


Action itemsOwnersPriorityProgressComments
Code Enforcement(L/M/H)(Where the project is currently)(What is needed to finish or what has caused work stoppage)
Interstate - Mobil StationERHIn progressMr. Watson will work to remove more concrete. Notification & fines to owner regarding the leasee's insurance
OpenlanderERMDonna talked with Harley, taxes can be loweredCode Enforcement committee met and discussed solutions. Property goes on sale in April. If city obtains, city can burn house and sell land to farmer or trade with Ms. Cook for Hwy 14 frontage
Old City Hall UpdateER, RayLNew electrical panel installed. Power on. IN Phase 2CDBG $300K application due March 31 to repurpose building. Brenda from AEDC
Professional BuildingJVLStalled due to asbestos. Ordinance to condemn in effect in 90 daysNeed to secure the building due to vandalism. Possibly become museum for antique cars. Code Enforcement interested in this building.
Nursing HomeERH406 S. Broadway. Code Enforcement committee discussing tooLetter sent to owner, Jeoffrey Jimenez. Must submit a plan for revitalization plan. Bid $35,000 for demolition.
Louis George ERH"Car lot" beside Mi Peublo. Code Enforcement committee discussedQuestion for the Team: Who is in charge of having all these old cars removed or cleaned up? It is getting hard to attract new owners to building downtown because of the eye sore
Gunn's Shopping CenterERLJohn BattlesRenovations upcoming/New roof. Owner is working up a plan of action.
Food GiantERM1 year of boarded up windows/doorsLetter is being sent to owner to remove the boarded up windows
4501 W. Keiser, old Gibson placeERLLarge crack identifiedLarge crack identified
Smith TireERLSign is too big per codeSign is too big per code
Boarded up windowsERMCollecting a list
Code Enforcement PlanERHLitter collecting-Contracting. Organized three communitywide clean-up days Ed is working on this plan. Submit to City Attorney
District courtMayorHJudge Dean or Rep will attend this task force, plus Code Enf comm & PoliceFire CommJudge is helping with Community Service
Excessive busiess Signage problems ERLEd is collecting address
Code Enforcement Council CommitteeERHCode Enforcement committee chair Greg BakerHad good meeting on Feb. 25th
Ordinance to CondemnERHCouncil has passed. Become effective in 60 or 90 daysWe will utilize
Public Works
Mowing and CleanupSteveNo mo chemical will be usedNeed one point of contact from City Hall
Dumpster-PicturesLuther/PhilipReview disc and send to police dept. Cameras need readjustingPictures have been reviewed and fines handed down. Area has gotten better so move camera to behind old nursing home
Street SweeperSteveJob is posted. Need street sweeper.
Parks & Recreation
Wayfinding SignsChamberA & P Commission will be asked to fund rewording of signs3 listings per sign. New wording has been sent to highway dept for approval
Music Hwy Tourism: Strategic PlanChamberMMeet March 9, 11:00 at ChamberApply for Our Town (Summer 2021) and Streetscape. ASU will meet to help with geotags and Ray will set up website
Main Street MuralMain StreetMeeting scheduled
Golf CourseSandra BDylan BowlesOPAR committee met on Jan 20th and discussed.
Airport & Utilities
Airport Road SignShawnMoney has been allocated. $4,800Ray to handle it. Charlie--build it up three cinder blocks bricks, fill with concrete higher.
portable office trailerRayIn progress - Andre Harris' group In the process of being renovated.
Small Business electrical auditFinance Utility CommNegative cost adjustment proposed for all small commercial businessesHnds of city council
Bush-hog and TractorBrianApplication completed-AGCI Massey Ferguson CNHI-CasePast first step
Airport GrantRay2021 rehab the apron. Committee met Jan 19thRunway rehab is closing out. The work on new $400,000 hangar and apron with pilots. Using State Aeronautics funds & private contribution
TAP/RTP GrantSheri/SallyPart of Music Heritage Tourism InitiativeStreet scape
Police, Fire & Animal Control
Vandalism DowntownCindyHHaltedWaiting on a grant for cameras.
Community Development Committee
Renew Osceola CDCRalphH501(c)3 submitted six months ago. Next meeting Working towards seed money. United Group Services in donating $5,000.
Land BankHCode Enforcement committeemay be able to pick this back up again
Non Profit OCBA
Yard of the MonthCindyOngoingwill submit to Blytheville newspaper
Fashion ShowCindyEaster or Kentucky Derby
Quality of Life
Fiber InstallMCECBrad Harrision Businesses and residential @ 59.95 MBPS (megabits per second) per month
Pavillions at San SouciERstart on these in early March
Next clean up dayApril 17th
Spruce up Day March 7


CIT meetings are open to the public.

Community Improvement Taskforce

Community Improvement Taskforce

The primary purpose of the Osceola Community Improvement TASKFORCE is to work with businesses, residence, property owners, and other progress-oriented COMM IMP TFORCEcommunity boards, commissions, schools, and other entities to improve the appearance and image of the City of Osceola, Arkansas. However, the Osceola Community Improvement TASKFORCE should not and shall not attempt to address social issues affecting the City of Osceola, Arkansas. The responsibilities of the Osceola Community Improvement TASKFORCE would include, but not be limited to identifying areas that are in violation of existing city ordinances. Power and authority to enforce existing city ordinances rest and shall remain with the Code Enforcement Officers of the City of Osceola, Arkansas. The Osceola Community Improvement TASKFORCE is purely an advisory body with no power or authority to act on its own.

The current task force is chaired by Osceola native Shawn Chafin.

The community is encouraged to participate. ALL meetings are open to the public.


Meeting Schedule HERE

Meeting location: Osceola City Hall | 303 W. Hale | Osceola, AR 72370

CIT Progress | 12.19.2019


CIT | 12.19.2019

The Community Improvement Taskforce (CIT) met today at Osceola City Hall. Shawn Chafin led the brief meeting as Chairperson. Others in attendance were Stacey Travis, Ed Richardson, Donna Lorino, Luther Wakefield, Mayor Sally Wilson, Steve Choals and Ray Fulmer.

The CIT was informed by Chafin of the final installation of trail cameras. Two cameras are now active in areas identified as being prone to dumping. Earlier this year the group researched and identified this practice as a key source of downtown litter. Images captured from the cameras will provide the necessary legal evidence for effectively prosecuting offenders.

The cameras were purchased by the City of Osceola through a grant facilitated by Main Street Osceola.

Ed Richardson provided the group with an update on a recent survey of businesses located within the city limits. The majority of the businesses surveyed complied with a long-standing municipal ordinance requiring payment and public display of a City Privilege License. Non-compliant businesses were provided with an abbreviated copy of the ordinance, instructions, contact information and an application form. At this time, no current businesses have been ticketed or fined for failure to comply wiIMG 20191219 1059009 2th Ord. No. 1993-690.

Positive progress reports were also made regarding

  • efforts to repurpose two eyesore properties within the I55 - Hwy.140 entrance area
  • an opportunity to acquire a derelict property with historic significance
  • an expansion of the Mayor's placemaking initiative

A major project being planned by the CIT for 2020 is the implementation of a Local Foods | Local Places initiative. Phase one of the program is the establishment of a certified commercial kitchen. Two municipal properties are currently being considered as test sites.

Partial funding for the LFLP initiative will come from a USDA/DRA grant. 

CIT meetings are open to the public.