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A recent email to the Osceola Animal Shelter.

Hi Jane,

I am not even sure if this is still a valid email address for you as it has been years since I reached out. If this is still valid, I figured I’d send an update on Doc. He was a pit bull I pulled from the Osceola animal shelter back in 2008 and you were such an amazing help getting him vetted and on a transport to NH. He is still doing wonderfully and has been a loyal companion through many life stages. I am guessing he’s around 13 years old but he is still very spry and limber. Buddy (Boscoe) has since passed but lived an amazing life with a family who loved him very very much. I am attaching a few recent pictures of Doc.

I can imagine the weight on your mind wondering what has become of the ones you’ve sent off to their new homes. You are incredible for the work you do to help these dogs and give them a chance at a happily ever after. These two definitely got that! 

Of course, feel free to share and I will keep in touch for sure. 

Hope all is well with you!