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Group 1The Osceola Police Department is under the direction of Chief John Weldon. Under his direction are 24 full time officers, 5 reserve officer and 12 civilian employees working to serve and protect the citizens of Osceola.

The Osceola Justice Building, built in 1995, and located at 401 W. Keiser Ave. houses the Osceola Police department, the City of Osceola Jail and the Osceola District Court with District Court Judge Donald Betterton and three clerks.

There are three main divisions of Osceola Police Department

Jail Division
This is where most of the civilians personal are employed. The Osceola jail can house up to 56 adult inmates- 48 male and 8 female.

The jail also houses 4 inmates under the 309 program which places state inmates in city jails. These inmates can be used in the daily maintenance and operation of the jail, similar to an employee. This helps the City, helps relieve space for the Arkansas Department of Corrections, and is a plus for the inmate.

pdf2022 Jail Inspection Report

Group 2

Criminal Investigation Division
There are four investigators in this division tasked with the responsibility of gathering information and evidence in the process of investigating crime and presenting that evidence in an understandable manner. There are also two investigators assigned to the 2nd judicial taskforce.


Group 4Patrol Division
This division employs most of the officers in the department. Visibility of these patrol units, out and about the city streets are often a deterrent to crime within itself but a patrolman’s responsibility includes traffic control, rapid response to accidents, emergencies, disturbances and other reported violations of the law.





Humanitarian Efforts of the Department

National Child Passenger Safety Program
Child safety seats are distributed and installed each year in the Spring by appointment and instructions for their safe use are shared with moms and dads.

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